PRISMO | about us
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Solid Teams lead
Strong Creatives.

Since our founding in 2012, our client list has included a broad range of companies from start-up to well established global companies. We believe our growing success, with only the power of recommendation speaks for itself.


The idea

We are dedicated to create new ideas,
without fearing to fail.

We are hired to create nothing ordinary, but for creative executions, that are coming from thoughts and serious brain storming, evaluating a brand first, before starting to choose colors or fonts. We’re a team of honest experts in the branding field building long-term, collaborative relationships with clients. We don’t celebrate single projects, but honored to develop long-term brand awareness.


A bundle of joy,
wrapped up in a fun office.

On the edge was has been done, on the platform of what hasn’t been: We strive to create something out of the box always, before we are getting restricted by politics, big bosses and other important players in the business. Our team has all of them: the international ones, the young and brave ones, the experienced ones and the crazy creative ones.


with constant thirst, exploring
new ways of communication

Unlike other agencies, the founder comes from a background with multiple knowledge of creation brand awareness. Florian Ritter has worked in and with multiple countries in different areas and brings his all round knowledge to table.