PRISMO | Believe
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We believe that anyone
can start anything

China documents an incredible history of growth in new brands. They have been proven multiple times to be innovative, unique and outstanding.
We are proud to be part of this generation.


Tools for a successful start:
keep it stupid, simple, sexy

Create your Core Strength.

Strong brands come from strong sources. Unify your talents and identify your passion, leading to your vision and eventually de ning your mission.

We understanding how unique you are helps you, and your team to move forward all on the same path.

Build a Culture.

With the energy that start-ups bring, we give them all the tools they need to enrich their products or services with life and soul. Cultivating your culture through and through truly makes a difference.

We believe once a solid ground is built, it will prove resistance through up and downs.

Stay Unique.

There is no need to make things complicated, especially when it comes to branding. Reducing your USPs to a limited amount of maximum 3, will benefit your brand long run. We not only measure the success of a brand in how much they sell, but more so how believable the brand is. If your brand becomes trustworthy, your brand will launch new products with ease.


Why is branding important

Your brand is nurturing your sales, the stronger the caretaker, the more convincing your products.

Most of the business comes through referrals, and “GuanXi” has been always a powerful tool to be connected with new possible clients. Once the GuanXi relationship leaves, the clients are leaving too, therefore you need to build something else, steady, trustworthy and long lasting: Brand trust.

Observe your brand awareness

Building a brand might be easy, maintaining requires continuous development of stories

We have all heard about it, what it actually means is to develop a simple thought to an excessive amount of ideas, and to than eventually distract the essence of the grown complex idea. Its not easy task to accomplish, but its worth while and lasts for years.